Supelclean™ LC-18 固相萃取散装填料

  • 产品品牌   色谱科Supelco
  • 产品型号   LC-18
  • 产品货号   57202
  • 产品描述

    Supelclean™ LC-18 固相萃取散装填料...

Supelclean™ LC-18 固相萃取散装填料
Supelclean™ LC-18 SPE Bulk Packing
pkg of 100 g
feature   endcapped
packaging   pkg of 100 g
extent of labeling   ~11.5% C
matrix   silica gel base material (irregularly shaped)
matrix active group   C18 (octadecyl) bonding
particle size   45 μm
pore size   0.8 cm3/g pore volume
  60 Å pore size
surface area   475 m2/g
mode of chromatography   reversed phase